The Way We Work

Oxfam Canada believes Canadians and other citizens of the world can end poverty and injustice by working together in solidarity to assert their basic human rights.

Canadians and other citizens of the world can end poverty and injustice by working together in solidarity to assert their basic human rights through:

  • their personal actions and decisions;
  • creating equitable and respectful social relationships and institutions;
  • eliminating the social, cultural, economic, legal and political barriers to women's equality;
  • holding governments and other authorities to account;
  • respectful stewardship of the global environment; and,
  • building global citizenship.

Our Principles


Basic Human Rights
From the world's poorest countries to right here in Canada, too many people don't know they have rights, let alone how to realize them. Oxfam works with people to realize these basic rights both for themselves and their communities. 


Gender Justice
Gender is the most persistent predictor of poverty and powerlessness in our world today. This is why we believe that ending global poverty begins with women's rights. Women's rights and gender equality are at the centre of all the work we do.


Environmental Responsibility
Oxfam strives to ensure our programs support the present generation to realize its potential without compromising the quality of life of future generations.Our interventions are designed to enhance sustainability, promote good stewardship of the global commons, and enhance resilience and adaptation to climate change.


Our Actions


Local Partnerships
We believe that for development to work it must be owned, driven and led by local people themselves. Oxfam's role is to assist people in their own development, helping them build on their capacities and assets.


Emergency Response
Oxfam responds to emergencies around the world where people are affected by armed conflicts or natural disasters. Our work helps to save lives and alleviate the suffering of millions of people by providing critical services and needed items.


Global Reach
Oxfam works with over 100 partner organizations in more than 25 countries. Being part of the global Oxfam International family means our confederation of 19 Oxfams expands our reach even further.

Campaigning for Change

Campaigning for Change
Through our campaigns, we combine the energy and commitment of people all over the world to challenge laws and policies that perpetuate poverty and inequality.


Policy and Advocacy
Oxfam Canada has played a leadership role in discussions on aid, trade, debt and development. We have worked with the Canadian Government, at the United Nations and in the field to inform Canada's foreign policy and aid program and more.


Public Engagement in Canada
Oxfam Canada works within Canada, not just to mobilize resources but to actively engage Canadians in ideas, debate and action to address the inequalities that underlie poverty and injustice around the world and here in Canada.