Food Security

Children carrying water as the sun sets in South Sudan. Photo: Geoff Pugh/Oxfam.

An end to the fighting would go a long way toward solving the challenges so many families now face in meeting their basic needs.  

Feeding people doesn’t have to mean feeding climate change. We need your voice to stand up and insist that the brands we love do more to address the single biggest threat to fighting hunger – climate change!

The IPCC has presented their latest report on the impacts of climate change on humanity, and what we can do about it. It’s a lengthy report, so we’ve boiled it down to Oxfam's five key takeaways on climate change and hunger.

Climate change is already making people hungry. It will change what we all eat. Extreme weather events such as Typhoon Haiyan, unpredictable seasons, increasing temperatures, and rising sea levels are already causing chaos for farmers and fisherfolk. Food prices are going up. Food quality is...

Around the world wild weather and unpredictable seasons are causing chaos for farmers. Food prices are going up. Food quality is going down. Soon climate change will affect what all of us eat. So far, so bad. But here’s the good news: together, we can turn this situation around.

Oxfam is calling for urgent action by governments, business and individuals to stop climate change making people hungry. This includes building people’s resilience to hunger and climate change, rapidly cutting greenhouse gas emissions, international action on climate change, and political and...

"Over 810,000 people are in need of immediate food aid in northern Mali as I write this blog. In the Sahel as a whole, around 20 million people will need food aid over the coming two years."

In a new series of photos, families worldwide pose with one week’s food supply.

Oxfam and 100 allies in the United Kingdom have launched a new campaign targeting the G8 summit taking place in June in Northern Ireland. Their proposition is simple: that hunger can be ended and the G8 can get the ball rolling.

Putting food on the table can be a challenge for many people and families around the world. That is also true in South Africa, where the Climate Conference, COP17, is being held.


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