East Africa

In a new series of photos, families worldwide pose with one week’s food supply.

Oxfam and 100 allies in the United Kingdom have launched a new campaign targeting the G8 summit taking place in June in Northern Ireland. Their proposition is simple: that hunger can be ended and the G8 can get the ball rolling.

Despite the social transformations that have contributed to advancing women’s rights in Cuba in past decades, violence against women is still a concern. Oxfam supports the work that key organizations are doing in the country to push violence out of the private realm and into the public sphere.

Policy solutions to the woes of the world are not so hard to craft. Some, like the Robin Hood Tax or better regulation of commodity derivatives, make so much sense that the technocrats come on side

The big win was the Financial Transactions Tax. Robin Hood and his band of merry G20 countries should be celebrating. France and Germany remained firmly committed; South Africa, Brazil and Argentina joined them; and the United States backed off on its threat to block it all.

Mark Fried thinks the Robin Hood Tax could get a significant boost this week.

Mark Fried, our policy coordinator, is in France, supporting efforts to put people before finance.

Committing to eat foods that are local, organic or fair trade really doesn’t need to be as complicated as it may seem.

A new charter identifies what governments must do so that the tragedy in East Africa will be the very last famine the world will face. WIll Canada sign?


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