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Ding, South Sudan. Ding came with other people on a five day journey looking for food. Image credit: Bruno Bierrenbach Feder/Oxfam

For the first time in more than a decade, the United Nations reported a sharp increase in hunger around the world. Oxfam is hard at work helping those in need in the countries affected by famine. 

Food security to Famine. Learn when to act!

If we know what these words mean in human terms, we feel compelled to help.

"Without water, we are no more. This is the worst drought we ever experienced. Without water, we won't survive"

The water is retreating deeper and deeper [when wells are dug]. We live by water, our cattle live by water. Without water we are no more. If we can sustain our lives, it is because Oxfam gave us water. My greatest fear is if the trucks stop bringing water. What will happen to us?

Written by Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International.

The world’s most powerful political leaders will be quietly absent from the UN Financing for Development Conference when it kicks off in Addis next week.  They would rather not put political capital into a meeting which their bureaucrats have spent weeks and months pulling apart.

Carmen, Bolivia

Rosario and her community frequently talk about climate change, how it is affecting them and what can be done. Extreme and uncontrolled floods have hit the area with devastating results. Rosario says:  "We, as people who live in the forest, see the main issue is deforestation –  this is...

Ipaishe, Zimbabwe

If there is one person on the planet who embodies what Oxfam is all about, it’s Ipaishe. Her resourcefulness, resilience and compassion in facing the challenges of extreme poverty are inspirational. 

Ipaishe travelled from Zimbabwe to Paris with one purpose. As soon as she landed at...

Langgin, Philippines

Langgin attended school, until unexpected extremes in weather meant her family’s harvest failed,  and her parents didn’t make enough money for her to continue her studies. Despite this setback, she is using her energy to support her community in the fight against climate change. Langgin says:...

Winnie Byanyima and other supporers at People's Climate March in New York

675,000 people around the world came together for the biggest ever mobilisation on climate.

Climate Change

In the five years since global leaders met in Copenhagen to discuss climate change, a lot has changed, and too much has stayed the same. Climate change is no longer just coming. It’s here already. In the past five years, more than 650 million people have been affected and more than 112,000 lives...

Behind the Brands

Kellogg has announced it is stepping up to address climate change in a very big way. It has committed to reduce harmful emissions across both its supply chain and operations, and help smallholder farmers adapt and push for real advocacy across the private sector and government.


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