Romida lives in Shafiullah Ghata Camp with her husband and five children, including her newborn baby. Romida gave birth on the floor of her shelter with no medical support.

Humanitarian Campaign Lead at Oxfam Canada, Melanie Gallant leans into the gap between life for women in places like Canada, and life for women displaced by conflict, which is showing it's greater than ever — and growing.

There is no greater responsibility than to ensure the safety and dignity of the people we serve.

Revo, 50, Congolese refugee, laughs in her makeshift shelter at Mantapala refugee settlement, Northern Zambia | Photo : Alexis Huguet, OXFAM

Revo herself has become an Oxfam volunteer. Three times a day she runs hygiene promotion programs for families in the camp because she knows the spread of disease can be deadly. "We suffered so much before, always running. Now this is our home. We want to start working and contributing."

 Julie Delahanty, Oxfam Canada Executive Director, visiting Oxfam’s cash for work program in a refugee camp, Gambela region of Ethiopia.

On the heels of ‘grave errors’ in the humanitarian sector, aid groups are pledging to redouble efforts to prevent the sexual exploitation and abuse of the world’s most vulnerable.

Communities relocated to make way for gold mines in Ghana struggle with loss of agricultural land, unemployment, and environmental damage. Neil Brander/Oxfam America.

Being such a global hub for mining finance and expertise, Canada is uniquely positioned to influence and change the mining industry.

Iffat teaches Rohingya refugees living in the camp in Cox's Bazar about health and hygiene, to help them keep well and to prevent a major outbreak of disease.

Iffat shares with us the most satisfying part of my job: hearing from refugees what a difference Oxfam’s support has made to them.


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